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Why Join Greek Life?

College and life are both full of important decisions, but one of the best decisions you can make during your college career is to "Go Greek!!"

But why? Here at Purdue, we have a highly respected Greek community. Our Greek system boasts a number of advantages over non-Greek life, which include:​

  • A successful philanthropy system in which every house picks a charitable cause to support (At FarmHouse, we choose to support the Leukemia Lymphoma Society in honor of our late brother, John Romine.)

  • An extensive chapter alumni that you can connect with.  

  • More opportunities to help each other excel. At FarmHouse, you will more than likely have a lot of classes with brothers who can help each other study and succeed in the classroom. 

  • A host of connections that are available to you for a future career (About 85% of Fortune 500 Executives were Greeks in college)

Additionally, at FarmHouse, we host an annual career fair dinner where employers that were previous FarmHouse members, or previous employers of our members, have the opportunity to engage with our members.

Whether you choose to rush FarmHouse or not, we encourage that you go Greek while you are at Purdue. It is a decision that is key to a successful college career as well as your post-college endeavors!

Recruitment: Welcome

How to Join

You can follow the link below to fill out an application to join our brotherhood. Once you have submitted your information, you will be asked to take part in recruitment over two weekends during the spring semester or invited to attend our recruitment events at the beginning of the semester. This gives potential new members a chance to meet the brothers and check out the house, while allowing the brothers to meet other potential brothers.

For additional information about joining, contact Director of Recruitment David Will at

Recruitment: Text

Recruitment Events & Dates

Spring Recruitment

January 17th-18th

January 24th

High School Recruitment

February 24th - 25th

March 2nd-3rd

Fall Recruitment

August 25th, 30th, and September 1st

Recruitment: Recruitment
No events at the moment
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