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Purdue FarmHouse Association Board

The Board is made up of a team of 9 alumni.  Members are elected annually to the board (staggered with 3 seats open every year) at the Homecoming meeting.  Membership is on 3-year terms.  Executive officers are elected at the January meeting of the board.

The Purdue Farmhouse Association and its board members are responsible for maintaining all brick and mortar issues related to the chapter house.  Additionally, the board manages the long-term strategic and financial management of the house structure and property.

  • Association President: The President is responsible for the overall operations of the FarmHouse Association

  • Association Vice President: The Vice President is charged primarily with assisting the President

  • Association Treasurer: Coordinates the collection of Association revenue and its disbursement

  • Association Secretary: Maintain a complete typewritten record of all meetings of the Association and of the Board

Purdue FH Association Board: About Us

Association Board of Directors

Lee Stanish (2015) - President


FarmHouse active: 1999-2003

House offices held: House Manager (4 semesters)

Awards: Henry Mayo "Spirit of FarmHouse," Doane 2003, Snyder 2009


Don Pennington (2014) - Vice President
FarmHouse active: 1956-1959
House offices held: Treasurer, President

Jaret Wicker (2015) - Secretary
FarmHouse active: 2004-2007
House offices held: Recruitment chair, President
Awards: Doane 2007

Ellsworth Christmas (2016) - Treasurer
FarmHouse active: 1955-1958
House offices held: Steward, House Manager
Awards: Doane 1958, Master Builder 1998

Andrew Gridley (2015) - Director
FarmHouse active: 2009-2013
House offices held: President

Steve Legg (2014) - Director
FarmHouse active: 1970-1973
House offices held: Asst. Treasurer, Treasurer

Derek Smallwood (2016) - Director
FarmHouse active: 2011-2015
House offices held: President

Clinton Taylor (2016) - Director
FarmHouse active: 1996-2000
House offices held: Historian, Song Leader

Ian Wooten (2014) - Director
FarmHouse active: 2008-2012 
House offices held: President, Risk Manager

Purdue FH Association Board: Text
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