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Building Tomorrow's Men

The Purdue Chapter of FarmHouse Fraternity and Purdue University share a storied tradition dating back to our official founding in 1952. From our founding to the present, our proud history speaks for itself through high academic achievement and leadership within the University. With more than 1,250 initiates, the Purdue FarmHouse chapter has influenced the lives of numerous men, building lasting friendships in the process. Many of our best college memories can be traced back to our FarmHouse experience.

While many of our alumni have gone on to successful and distinguished careers in agriculture, business, engineering, politics, education and countless other endeavors, the common bond of our brotherhood remains, along with our shared principles and values. Most of us can trace the roots of our success to FarmHouse at Purdue University.

Through FarmHouse we not only learned the importance of friendship, knowledge, service, fellowship, and excellence, but we acquired valuable assets, which include leadership skills, organizational skills, social skills, teamwork, and character. These traits have been integral to our personal success and helped make us the men we are today.

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2024  Recruitment

Come join our brotherhood!

Here is our 2024 Recruitment Schedule:

February 24/25: High School Rush Weekend #1

March 2/3: High School Rush Weekend #2

Fall 2024 College Recruitment:


Support FarmHouse

Grand Prix

Each year, the Purdue Chapter of FarmHouse Fraternity participates in one of Purdue’s
pronounced traditions, the Grand Prix. This year, we will be entering one kart to
compete with other karts from various campus organizations, Greek houses and outside
teams on April 25, 2020. Participation in this race allows for unique sponsorship
opportunities to promote your brand and company, please support our racing efforts and
take part in a historic Purdue legacy.



Farmhouse Fraternity is proud to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. All philanthropy donations go to supporting the women and men searching for a cure to these cancers.

Follow the link bellow to L&LS's website to donate to help stop Leukemia & Lymphoma cancer.



Farmhouse Fraternity has also partnered with Be the Match on Purdue's campus as the organization seeks to add more people to their registry. For more information, please reach out to Nicholas Roberts at (317)-771-8409.

Farmhouse Fraternity recently won its Big Man on Campus (a campuswide event to support those fighting breast cancer) hosted by Zeta Tau Alpha in the spring of 2022 for the 4th time! In spring 2023, we were first runner's up, but we hope to bounce back, and reclaim that title for the upcoming 2024 competition. 

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